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EOS 5D Mark IV: Timelapse movies

canon5d-mark-IV-dslr--800x534The EOS 5D Mark IV features a time-lapse movie shooting option to create time-lapse directly in-camera without needing to stitch the images together afterward. When you shoot a time-lapse movie, you will notice that the resolution is FHD and it is recorded at either 29.97P (NTSC) or 25.00P (PAL). If you wish to record a timelapse at a higher resolution or with a different frame rate, then you should use the interval timer instead to capture still images that you can later combine on a computer. This will allow you to capture a timelapse at a much higher resolution, in RAW, or with a faster or slower frame rate as required.

This feature works well with trade show set-ups, construction projects, and beach sunrise and sunsets. The camera should be mounted on a tripod and placed where it will not be moved for best results.

Source: Canon Professional Services

Contributed by: Martin Allred,


Nichila USA rates Nationwide Photographers 5 Stars (highest) for Commercial Photography

Ivy B. in the marketing department with Nichiha USA just recently rated Nationwide Photographers with the highest reviews (5 stars)  in Commercial Photography, Responsiveness, and Professionalism.  Adding to the rating “Wonderful photos in a tight deadline!”  

A few samples of the various projects:



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