Lighting Challenges for Conference Photography

_MG_9413 copy

Trying to capture moving objects and people on stage can create certain challenges for a photographer. Adding to the difficulty, Conference Stage Lighting can create another set of challenges.  Photographers have to balance exposure for the ambient light which usually ranges from lower temperatures tungsten to higher daylight temperatures which can be quite challenging, all while adjusting the camera’s shutter to allow the effect desired. Adjusting the K setting on the camera will help with most of the lighting temperature changes.


For instance, when balancing exposure on a well-lit stage the audience area will go black or dark, and exposing for the audience would cause the stage to go the other direction blowing out the highlights and severely overexposing the stage area. For that reason, Post-production and photo editing almost always are necessary to create a well balanced and exposed image.


The picture Below photographer balanced for stage lighting.


The picture below photographer balanced for audience lighting._MG_0510bb

Post-production image below.


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